I'm the voice coach at The Royal Theatre, Denmark. I think that the voice is an amazing instrument and I'd love to help you with your voice.

Hi, I’m Klaus Møller. I’m a vocal coach and singing teacher. After a career as a classical singer I have been teaching professionally for more than 20 years. I work as a vocal coach in musical theatre. But I also teach both classical singer and pop/rock singers.
One of the most rewarding things that I know is working with voices. Helping a singer troubleshooting vocal problems and providing them with solutions that will make them even better singers, so that they can sing with freedom.
I look at a vocal coaching as 3 different disciplines:
1. working on vocal technique. Training the physical voice to make sure that the voice is strong, flexible and has stamina
2. working with different styles of singing. Working on the artistry so that the style of the song or aria, so that the music comes alive and the lyrics and music supports the overall intention fo the music
3 .working on performance and on communicating the emotional content of a song so that your audience will be moved by your performance.
When I meet at student for the first time we will always try to determine what is already working fine in the voice. And what we need to improve.
We will also make a plan for what the goal of the sessions is. And maybe also make a long time plan for developing your voice.
I’m looking forward to meeting you and your voice online.


Anna Von Hausswolff, singer, composer March

Klaus is the best !!! When I first contacted Klaus, my voice was completely miserabel. I had lost my voice during concerts, because I sang with poor vocal technique. Klaus has helped me find a good vocal technique that suits my voice and the songs I want to sing. Today my voice is so much better. My voice is still sensitive if I use it too much but my vocal stamina has been considerably improved I now know how to sing with much more freedom and can use my voice in more extreme ways that suits my own songs. It took a short while for me to change me vocal habits. But when I reached the point where the new technique had been anchored in my body, a lot of new cool things began to happen with my vocal. Today I have a much broader registre and can use my voice in many different ways. After sessions with Klaus I have learned how to treat my voice, my voice needs water, food and a lot of sleep to function well. Klaus has thought me that I can do much more with my voice than I thought.

Julie Steincke, Actress – Singer – Songwriter March

The words to describe Klaus Møllers vocal coaching…well, to call it a life changing experience, would that suffice? Yes, the minute I walked into klaus Møllers world of teaching I was gripped, not only is he inspiring to listen to, he actually found the voice inside me that I didn’t even realize I had…….in Klaus´s mind anything is possible you just need the right tools and support and understanding of your own instrument. If you dream of having the control, the support and of having a sweet gentle sound and then the next minute Belt like the Shirley Bassey we all dream about well, Klaus is your man! His techniques are simple and once the anatomy is explained and the visual is understood then you have the recipe for success, whether you are a true pro or just a beginner or even someone who just wants to be heard in the day to day life, Klaus is the man to do the job!

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