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“I had a lot of fun, but I also believe I improved even with just one meeting. After the lesson and some practice, my band conductor even gave me a compliment on my oboe playing!”

— Amy Lese, oboe lesson with Yinchi Chang

“I think this is a wonderful system - there was no connection issues on my end and I feel like I can learn an exceptional amount using this platform to take a few lessons with such an incredible musician and person.”

— Destinee DiMino, bass trombone lesson with Ben Van Dijk

“Even over the internet, he was able to discern some aspects of my playing that could use some improvements.”

— Wait Kit Leung, oboe lesson with Rixon Thomas

"Russell was amazing, and I will be taking regular lessons with him using this platform! Thank you.

— Rana Mireskandari, piccolo flute lesson with Russell Itani
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