I am professor of violin at the Royal College of Music in London, now on indefinite Sabbatical, and inventor of the KorfkerRest.

During my early teaching career I was the assistant teacher of Zakhar Bron for 7 years after which I was appointed professor at the Royal College of Music in London and taught there for 13 years. In these roles I have taught many young violinists from all over the world. I also taught young gifted students at the Yehudi Menuhin School and Purcell School - work which I continue in my private studio. At the moment I am taking an indefinite sabbatical from the RCM.

My students have been offered positions in numerous orchestras internationally and have won prizes in the Wieniawski, Sibelius and Queen Elisabeth competitions amongst others. Most of them are active as chamber musicians, some as soloists, and many have become excellent teachers! Whatever my students have achieved, I am always proud of having been part of their musical journey.

My own experience as a violinist includes international concerts with orchestra, worldwide recital tours, and CD recordings.

The KorfkerCradle and KorfkerRest which I invented were launched in 2014 by Pirastro. Since then they have become hugely popular.

For more information please visit: www.pirastro-shoulderrests.com

My philosophy

Teaching the violin is one of my greatest passions. I approach each student as an individual and bring a wealth of experience and creativity to a process which focuses on you and your personal development. An innate understanding of music, a beautiful, projective sound, and an agile left hand are at the heart of this.

What I want to awaken in a student is freedom of expression, a passion for perfection, a strong self-motivation and a creative and dynamic approach towards their path of learning.

I believe that our musical intentions can not be communicated without the help of a holistic command of our instrument and that there should be no separation between music and so-called "technique". This philosophy informs every step of my teaching.

Another important aspect of teaching is learning how to approach various musical styles. Whether we perform Baroque, classical, romantic or contemporary music, this has profound implications on how we use our instrument. Adding this dimension to our work gives us ultimate satisfaction.

What about our body?

The use of the body, freedom of movement and healthy, injury-free practice and performing should be at the heart of every professional approach to instrumental teaching. Students can expect specialised coaching in this respect. My method has been inspired by principles from the Alexander Technique and centres on using less effort while making a fuller, richer sound while becoming less dependent on the shoulder rest.

If you would like to meet for a consultation, please send me a message detailing your background, present situation and goal, and we will take it from there.

Experience & Education

  • Royal College of Music, London 2005 – 2018
    Professor of Violin
    At the moment I am taking an indefinite Sabbatical from the RCM after teaching there for 13 years.
  • Hochschule für Musik Köln 1998 – 2005
    Teaching assistant to Zakhar Bron
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Olivia Rose Francis June

Berent Korfker was an incredible teacher and mentor to me during my two years of study in his class at the Royal College of Music in London. I learnt an exceptional amount during this time both musically and technically, and benefited so much from his expertise. Prof. Korfker had an extraordinary ability to analyse my playing - he could immediately recognise the exact difficulty I was having, and the perfect solution to fix it. He is a world-class violinist, and is able to demonstrate any piece or technique effortlessly. In particular he has a special gift for understanding his students personally, and is committed to helping each one develop further and reach their goals. It was a privilege to study with him!

Christa-Maria Stangorra June

I very much enjoyed being part of Berent Korfker's class during my studies at the Purcell School. I remember this period as extremely enriching regarding both musical and technical aspects of violin playing. Individual care for his students was always of high importance and contributed to creating a warm atmosphere during the lessons. It was a lot of fun working with you, thank you!

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