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We pride ourselves on having top classical musicians and teachers from around the world, ensuring you can have an informative and inspiring lesson. Most offer a free introductory lesson.

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Judy Olsen — Trumpet
Joel Laakso — Cello
Martin Kuuskman – Bassoon
Join hobby players, music students and professionals from around the world using us to improve their musicianship.

Whether you want to brush up on your theory, a particular technique, or just need help nailing a repertoire, we have a motivating teacher to help you master it. Instead of sifting through a confusing maze of YouTube videos, or traveling miles to attend a lesson, you can attend a lesson right in your own home.

“My experience was very good, even with the distance I felt myself very close to the teacher and the audio and video was quite perfect.”

Elione Medeiros

“Video and audio was very clear. Launching the session was extremely easy. Very surprised and impressed with the session”

Dorte Rosenbom
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