I am a professional chamber musician with over 10 years of teaching and performance experience. I'd love to help you reach your goals in music.

I am Elena, I am actively performing with several chamber music ensembles, as well as collaborating with various orchestras in Europe.
My musical formation was decisively shaped by musical personalities such as Alois Brandhofer, Andreas Schablas, William Coleman, Peter Langgartner and Peter Lang.
For more info about my musical activity, my accomplishments as well as recent recordings, please visit my website at www.elenaveronesi.info.

I am going to shortly introduce my teaching method.
My goal as a teacher is to encourage the artistic personality of pupils and students to blossom during their learning and practice process. I am aiming to reach this result through a program on an individual basis, tailored to the characteristics of each clarinetist who is looking for my help.
As a chamber musician, I've learned through the years to surpass technical problems by thinking about the bigger musical picture. One can most of the time hear it when listening to the other players.
I love teaching and I get really fulfilled after helping my pupils and students reach their goals.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to have your personal free introduction, I will be really happy to listen to you and to figure out together what's the next step in your musical journey!

My working experience includes all levels of proficiency, from children and beginners to intermediate and advanced clarinet players.
Chamber music ensembles are most welcome!


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