Hello there!
My name is Hélène Navasse. I am a french flutist, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Would you like to:
- improve your technique and sound?
I can guide through the "French flute school".

- expand your musical interpretation?
I will help you find the delicate balance between respect of the musical traditions and an authentic interpretation.

Are you struggling with contemporary pieces and/or extended techniques?

Do you want to take your skills to the next level and/or deepen your approach into contemporary music?

Or you would like to intensively prepare for orchestral audition?

This is your opportunity ;-)

About me:
I was appointed solo flutist in Ensemble Polychromie (F) as 18 years old, and later co-principal flutist at Aarhus Symphony Orchestra (DK)... a good job, one of those that many flutists dream of. However, I have chosen for the last ten years, beside teaching, to be freelance. I find that it allows me a more authentic contact to the public, and gives me a greater artistic freedom. I am now mainly an active soloist and chamber musician performing worldwide from USA to Japan and Iceland to Lebanon. I am also teaching regularly.

Beside playing classical music, I love experimenting with different genres and/or electronic. Fervent interpret of the newest music, it is an everyday thing for me to switch from flute, to bass flute to piccolo… or alto flute.

Like my compatriot Obelix, I fell into the pot … of contemporary music when I was 10. Ever since, I have grown up with contemporary music. Among other, I have a Master degree from Amsterdam School of the Arts, with specialization in new music. I also have performed in most of Europa with prominent ensembles for new music such as Musik Fabrik, Klangforum Wien, Nieuw Ensemble, Schoenberg Ensemble, Athelas and Reykjavik Chamber Orchestra.

I often work in close collaboration with composers and numerous works are dedicated to me. Latest, I was "flute-consulent" for danish composer Niels Rosing-Schow, in conjunction with a brand new solo piece ordered for the semifinal of the presitigous Carl Nielsen International Flute Competition 2014.

As a soloist of the newest music, I master the so-called extended techniques and their notations, such as multiphonics, whistle tones, tongue rams, pizzicato, singing while playing etc...

Looking forward hearing (from) you!

Best regards



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Christina Enig February

I have both experienced Hélène Navasse as a highly capable flute teacher, but also as an inspiring teacher of chamber music. Hélène Navasse is a great teacher and a great musician! She has the ability to communicate in a way so she both excites, moves and gets something going with her students. Specifically, Hélène taught me how I should handle the different tasks at home in my practice room, but I was also inspired. I was better at playing the flute, and I got more confidence. Hélène Navasse is good to teach each student exactly on her level and in both chamber music and solo teaching Hélène is able to teach in a way so the student knows exactly how to continue working on their own. Not many teachers are aware of that the student very much needs to learn how to practice, but Hélène Navasse understands this indeed.

Winnie Bugge Frandsen February

I was immediately fascinated by Helene's very accurate way to explain the difficulties about breathing and vibrato, which of course is hidden inside the body, but became very obvious following Helene's explanations. Understanding this my sound developed enormously. Her approach to music was very structured and analytical and she never put her perceptions over mine - she simply just improved my starting point. It gives confidence. And then Helene never gave up, which is a great feeling for a student. With an eye on where my limits were, she pushed me to my limits. Helene managed to create a context and transmitted constantly a newly acquired technical capability to use the piece of music that I had prepared. I always went opliftet and inspired to practice more from hours after a lesson with Helene.

Mikela Mann February

Many musicians are not necessarily skilled teachers, but Hélène is. She manages to convey and inspire with her joy of music. She meets you where you are and quickly figure out what YOU need of advice. Whether it is a loving kick up the backside or a caring boost of confidence. She is a very committed teacher and I never felt like a number in the queue of students.

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