I will offer solutions to help you and your instrumental ensemble perform at a higher level by providing credible suggestions and tips.

I will provide credible suggestions for you and your wind band to perform at a higher level in preparation for your upcoming (important) performance.

With over 2 decades of teaching wind bands, winning top awards, teaching conducting, and being invited as an adjudicator for wind band competitions; I understand how sometimes we need an unbiased opinion from a 3rd party and THIS is what I'm providing.

Upon receipt of your score and audio/video recording, our lessons will consist of a detailed breakdown/assessment of your ensemble's performance based on the provided material. I will also provide suggestions on how you could solve certain problems that I gather from the recordings.

I will only accept the gig if the recordings are clear enough for me to provide a good assessment of your ensemble's performance.

If you have any questions or are interested in engaging my services, please contact me regardless before. Let's make some great music together!


拥有超过 20 年的管乐队教学经验,赢得了最高奖项,并被邀请担任管乐队比赛的评委,我明白有时我们需要公正的意见,这就是我所提供的。



Experience & Education

  • Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (National University of Singapore) 2014 – 2016
    Masters in Music
    As the main conductor of numerous groups in Singapore, I believe in promoting new works and giving musicians the platform or stage to shine on. Find out more about me here: https://www.adrian-chiang.com/
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