Solo, chamber and orchestral violinist of the Gabrovo Chamber Orchestra BULGARIA. 20 yrs teaching experience. Love helping violinists progress.


Hi, I’m Heather Broadbent, violinist, instructor and lover of life. I teach violin via a holistic approach catered to each individual violinist. I am passionate about teaching violinists how to play and perform passionately with structure found in technique resulting in absolute performance freedom. After twenty years of teaching and performing experience all over the world, I have discovered a mirror effect of the violinists inner world to their musicianship and artistic presentation in performances. Not only have I guided many violinists to be their best violinist version, I have empowered them to know their personal values as a violinist and that there is no separation of a violinist and a violinist lifestyle. This self discovery/empowerment journey is imperative on the path to performance anxiety freedom. I love to work with open hearted, passionate violinists desiring to eradicate technical, mental, emotional blocks in their violin journey resulting in gratifying progress on all levels.

Experience & Education

  • Gabrovo Chamber Orchestra 2012 – Present
    Soloist, Principal and Sectional violinist
    In the past 4 years I have performed as soloist, concertmaster, principal second and sectional violinist of the Gabrovo Chamber Orchestra.
  • The Wisconsin Philharmonic 2006 – 2012
    First Violinist
  • Rockford Symphony 2006 – 2012
    Section Violinist
  • Dubuque Symphony Orchestra 2003 – 2006
    Guest Associate Concertmaster
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Shelby Ricks May

Prior to taking lessons with Heather I did not like to practice. I felt disconnected from the instrument, had no practice routine, and no idea how to practice, which made practicing very frustrating. Now I look forward to practicing, have a practice routine and absolutely have to do it. It is very therapeutic. Heather’s methods of teaching are unlike any other violin teacher’s methods. She teaches difficult techniques in a fun and relaxing way. It is because of her that I am a holistic violinist. I was inspired by the way she taught and dealt with her students on a mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional way. Being her student has allowed me to connect with the violin on a whole new level mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. It has become part of me as if I am one with the instrument. I am truly thankful and grateful for her and SO happy that we met. Every person from newbie to advanced levels on the violin should take lessons with Heather.

Darcie Khunakayev May

Heather Broadbent is an answer to a great wish of mine: a passion to play violin effectively. Since a teacher was not available, I developed a practice routine for myself, yet moved forward slowly. After a cry for help on LinkedIn, Heather was recommended to me by one of her students; he said that he highly recommended her and that she had it all figured out. Indeed, he was correct. Right from the start she took charge in a supportive, friendly but businesslike, no-nonsense approach to giving me feedback on the violin. She is an insightful teacher that works on multiple levels; for example, for the nut and bolts of violin technique, she assigns very effective exercises. For me, Heather is like the Jillian Michaels (work-out guru) for violin, in that, you follow her program and it is a short cut to being an effective player. I have been studying with Heather now since January and my improvement is noticeable not only to myself but to the outside also.

Emilio Arredondo May

Before I started studying with Heather, I had some position hesitations, intonation issues, and really being able to draw the sound from my instrument. Since working with her, I’ve noticed more confidence in my playing and shifting. More accuracy and ease with my playing. My intonation and all around playing has really been enhanced into something I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own. I’ve learned so much already in just four lessons! I knew she was the perfect teacher for me through her amazing YouTube videos and what I was able to gain from them! She really knows how to get one to enhance their skills and make them a better player! I couldn’t be happier!! I’m so inspired and driven to be a better player now!

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