I am an active professional pianist and I work in a Conservatory in The Netherlands. I want to help you to play at ease and without tension

I like to teach because I have seen how my students benefit from my lessons. To play should never be painful or with tension. I work on using gravity, adapting the pieces to your level. I teach classical music, piano technique, sound, phrasing. I also work on interpretation, performing skills or other difficulties.
I believe every person is unique and the most important is to see what the person needs, in order to improve their technical and musical skills.

Experience & Education

  • Conservatory of Madrid 1984 – 1995
    Final Master Diploma
    I studied here with Maestro Manuel Carra obtaining the maximum qualifications
  • Scuola di Musica di Fiesole 1995 – 1997
    I had lessons and Masterclasses here with Maria Tipo, Lazar Berman and Maurizio Pollini
  • Conservatorium van Amsterdam 1997 – 2003
    Masters and Teaching diploma
    I did my postgraduate studies here with Jan Wijn, where I also obtained the teaching diploma in 1999. I continued studying here because I found I could learn so much from my teacher in The Netherlands
  • ArtEZ Zwolle Conservatorium 2014 – Present
    Docent and Piano coach
    I work here as a pianist, and I perform with students in a collaborative setting, focusing on their interpretation and chamber music.
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Molly March

I've thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Patricia. She always has great suggestions both for technique and interpretation. I highly recommend studying with her.

Robert Phillips December

Patricia is one of the three best teachers I’ve ever had. She asks a lot and gives even more. One rotation change fixed a whole page of Dohnányi! Her suggestions on gesture and fingering always serve the interpretation of the piece. If it takes some to put the suggestions into play, she never makes you feel like a jerk. She’s flexible and gives you a lot of room in choosing repertoire; her own repaired suggestions never have the feeling “be reasonable, do it my way.” She’s enthusiastic when you’ve done something well, supportive if you’ve done something not so well. She doesn’t look down on your abilities and never gives the feeling she’d rather be teaching a future Pollini. Her command of English is excellent and idiomatic & she answers messages speedily. Do your fingers a favor and study piano with Patricia.

Ev Clark November

Patricia is the best piano teacher I've ever worked with. Unlike some other instructors, she doesn't force her students to adopt a particular system or do mind-and-finger-numbing exercises. Instead, she believes that students can improve through diligent and thoughtful practice of the music they love. For an adult learner like me, returning to the piano after a two-decade hiatus, this was indeed music to my ears. Bye bye Hanon; hello Bach, Mozart, and Prokofiev! She is an extremely patient listener and explicator, but she won't hesitate to tell me if she thinks I'm not giving it my best effort. Patricia is also committed to helping students play without undue tension or pain. When I first started my lessons, I would often have to take several days off from playing because of debilitating wrist pain; now I've been pain-free for almost six months, even though I practice almost every day. Her lessons have been worth every penny.

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