Principal flute of the Simón Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela with more than 32 years of teaching experience in the renowned ¨El Sistema¨

Music has always been a fundamental part of my life. From the age of nine, I entered
this path through the wonderful world of the orchestra, that infinite palette of colors
in which music is shown in all its splendor.

I was one of the lucky children who saw the raising of the wonderful project of
The system of Youth and Children's Orchestras of Venezuela (aka El Sistema), first as a
member and then as a teacher, workshop instructor and conductor who has had the
opportunity to disseminate this methodology in countries such as the United States,
Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Belize, Honduras, Dominican Republic,
Spain and Portugal.

As a flutist, I grew up in the orchestra and then I had the opportunity to learn from
great masters, many from my country and other internationals who made me love
the instrument and inoculated me with the desire to teach from a very young age.

In "El Sistema" one of the fundamental premises is that if you learned something,
you are able to teach it to your peers, to your music stand colleagues in this case.
This is how you become a teacher without realizing it. Then you discover what each
student needs in particular and you adapt your knowledge so that it is completely
assimilated by your students.

Experience teaches you that every aspect of your development as a flutist is linked
to the good practice of basic guidelines such as the study of sound, scales, tuning, the
study of articulations, phrasing. Step by step, the interpretation is gaining ground
and the teacher must focus on developing good taste and knowledge of musical
styles so that everything fits perfectly. But the most fundamental part of the process
lies in free will. Each student must learn to understand its own process, to seek their
own cures for their ills or deficiencies. One, as a teacher, should guide you, but it is
you who will find the answers, at the right moment.

It does not matter if you want to be a soloist or flutist of a professional orchestra or
if you just want to learn a bit to enjoy in your free time. It does not matter if you play
Jazz, chamber music or world music. I, fortunately, have enjoyed being a flutist in
many of those styles, and I see music as a single entity that can be approached from
different and wonderful perspectives.

Everything that is within your reach, everything I have learned, I am able to show
you, we just need to communicate and find, together, the best way to share it.

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Experience & Education

  • Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela 1986 – Present
    Flute soloist and piccolo
  • Simon Bolivar Conservatory of Music, Caracas, Venezuela. 1990 – Present
    Flute and Piccolo teacher
  • "El Sistema". National System of youth and children's orchestras and choirs of Venezuela 1986 – Present
    Flute and piccolo teacher, woodwinds sectionalist, conductor.
    Member of the teacher´s staff of El Sistema. He has taught courses and masterclasses in the United States, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Argentina, Belize, and Honduras.
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Mariale October

No importa cuál sea su nivel académico, el maestro Raimundo está dispuesto a guiar y acompañar a mejorar en todos los aspectos técnicos de la flauta. Grandes conocimientos, y métodos de enseñanza increíbles. Es un honor y privilegio de contar con grandes maestro. Aprovechen. Totalmente agradecida con el Maestro Raimundo. Un padre musical.

Carlos Rios April

It doesn't matter what your academic level is, professor Raimundo is willing to help you to improve in every single aspect. His knowledge and teaching methods are amazing! Listen to tips and suggestions from a master like him, who has so many years of experience in classical and popular music, is a complete privilege.

Sofía Marquez Campins September

I feel so happy to have this chance to take flute lessons once again with my former teacher who is one of the greatest people i’ve known, also has a lot of knowledge about the flute and it’s technique and that helped me to had a awesome lesson! Thanks you for this wonderful plataform for lessons and the incredible teacher!

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