Hi, I´m Regina, I teach trumpet and brass methodology at Dr. Hoch´s Conservatory in Frankfurt. Looking forward to seeing you!

I´d love to give you help, support, practical aids and fresh ideas related to embouchure, breathing, playing techniques and musical expression.

Besides my teching activityy at the Conservatory I hold seminars and workshops for brass teachers throughout Germany and the rest of Europe. I have been doing this for more than 25 years .

Teaching is my passion and the development of efficient and creative ways in brass teaching is a matter very close to my heart.

If you're a brass teacher looking for help then you've come to the right address!
My aim is to address the concerns that brass teachers have on a day to day basis.

Do you want to know how to adopt a positive approach to playing and developing embouchure or solving problems related to blowing techniques or musicality? Then let’s get together and explore new avenues in all areas of your brass teaching

Of course I am also here to help you with any concerns related to your own trumpet playing.

For more information see my website: www.reginaheng.de


Philip Schütz April

In her methodology lessons Regina's clarity of vision led us to focus on and examine the really essential aspects of teaching. Her liveliness and positive drive is inspiring and motivating. Developing your abilities with your instrument, either as a student or teacher, becomes a joyful and rewarding experience. Regina inspired us to work creatively. By promoting and encouraging our own creativity we become liberated and can develop the necessary skills to structure our own lessons without the restrictive limitations imposed by many trumpet tutors. I am very grateful to have experienced this innovative and inspirational methodology instruction and can say without a doubt that it has profoundly changed the way I teach.

Carmen Merz April

You get new insights every time Regina gives a lesson and she conducts them in a refreshing and lively way, which opens up so many new and informative avenues. She will often take a completely unexpected approach in response to problems and you always come away with at least one eye opener. Highly useful for both your own playing skills and as a tool when teaching brass.

Malte Schwarz April

Regina Heng was my trumpet teacher from 1994 (at that time I was 7 years old) to 2009. Down to the present day, I'm gratefully looking back on an enjoyable time with Regina, which had a lasting impact on my musical education and personal development. She was not only able to teach me the technical basics of trumpet playing. With an holistic approach, Regina integrated the whole body from head to toe into her lessons and made me understand the connection between many influence factors like body posture, breathing, tongue position as well as tension and relaxation. Furthermore Regina helped me to develop a deep musical understanding in general and with pieces I played in particular, which also resulted in several prizes for solistic and ensemble performance in youth music competitions. I had come to appreciate her empathetic and motivating person as well as her teaching method. For supporting me in so many ways over the years I want to thank Regina from the bottom of my heart.

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