I'm Solo Bass Clarinet of the Teatro alla Scala in Milano and I'd love to help you to grow with your bass clarinet.

"I'm Stefano and I have been playing the bass clarinet at the Teatro alla Scala since 2007.

I like so much this instrument because it let me express myself on music I love: Bach and Wagner.
Bach because it helps me to master the instrument and to grow my musical ideas and expressivity.
Wagner because gives you lot of characters to impersonate and need me to answer to a lot of psychological questions.

My music life is constantly inspired and motivate by great musician, all my colleagues, and conductors like Barenboim who helped me to approach Wagner in an incredible way.

In 2010 (because of my ignorance on bass clarinet history) I founded the C.I.R.C.B. - International Bass Clarinet Research Center (http://www.circb.info): a scientific place where deepen knowledge on bass clarinet.
In 2015 I founded the http://bassclarinetwork.com community
In 2016 I founded the International Bass clarinet Association I.B.C.A. (http://www.bassclarinetwork.com/ibca/)

Before and after my musical life there is my beloved wife Elena and my wonderful son Filippo who teach me to grow as a man and as a musician every day."

Experience & Education

  • OSN RAI - Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana 2006 – 2007
    Solo Bass Clarinet
    This has been my first position
  • Teatro alla Scala - Milano 2007 – Present
    Solo Bass Clarinet
    This is my actual position
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Miri Saadon March

I have had the privilege to study with Stefano Cardo for two years. A genuine master of the bass clarinet, he inspired me tremendously during my studies. His great sensibility for tone quality, striving for technical perfection and deep understanding of the music have been extremely valuable for my development. It is my pleasure to recommend him to anyone who wishes to develop as a bass clarinetist, and generally as a musician.

Daniela Fiorentino March

When I first met Mr. Cardo two years ago, I was very excited not only because I was already sure about his high levell as a teacher but also because of what he represent world wide as one of the greatest bass clarinet player and musician nowadays. Our first lesson was about the cello suites by J.S. Bach which have costantly been our basic ground on which I developed more and more the quality of my tecnique and the warmth of my sound. He’s a very precise and competent teacher and, mostly, he has been deeply helpful at studying classic and romantic repertoire both as an orchestra player and as a soloist. Mr. Cardo is able to quickly improve your pratical skills and to make you really understand the Music you are playing, being able to give you a perfect historical context on almost everything you play. Apart from being a great teacher Mr. Cardo is, furthermore, a wonderful person.

Jonathan Hadas, principal bass clarinet of Israel Philharmonic Orchestra March

In 2011 i had the pleasure of studying with Mr. Cardo the bass clarinet for an entire week. I had just won an audition for playing bass clarinet in the Israel phiharmonic but I had no experience what so ever of playing the bass in an orchestra. Stefano is a true master. He taught me with infinite kindness, patience and devotion all the secrets and basics of the instrument. I will never forget this wonderful week and his beautiful playing and personality.

Martina di Falco February

I think that M° Cardo is a lovely person, and that his method is the best among those that a bass clarinet student could wish: direct, effective, constructive.

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