Yinchi Chang

I am Yinchi, an oboist and arts administrator living in Los Angeles.


My name is Yinchi and I live and breathe the oboe. Before I continue with my story, I want to let you know that the joy of music making is precious and magical. And it is my dream and passion to help you discover your talent and goals.

I am currently a Doctor of Musical Arts candidate at the University of Oregon focusing on Oboe performance, with supporting area in Performing Arts Administration. Prior to landing in Oregon, I lived in Los Angeles and Redlands, California, where I was a freelance musician. I appeared with the Redlands Symphony and Temecula Symphony, and taught at the University of Redland’s Community School of Music and the Arts.

Thus, I gained lots of experience in community engagement, performance and teaching, which culminated in my first graduate thesis titled “A Classical Music Student’s Guide to the Galaxy: On Arts Entrepreneurship Education, Career Sustainability, and Evaluation.” As you can see, I am an advocate for the performing arts for life! If you would like to know more about my oboe studio, please do not hesitate to send me a message and I will be happy to answer any questions.

身為一位藝術事業創業教育的提倡者,張尹綺著有相關論文,題為“A Classical Music Student’s Guide to the Galaxy: On Arts Entrepreneurship Education, Career Sustainability, and Evaluation.”

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Experience & Education

  • University of Oregon 2011 – 2016
    Doctor of Musical Arts
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Wolfgang Draving April

Excellent teacher! Even with my poor internet quality, she was able to identify and fix issues with my phrasing and articulation. Very easy to work with and knowledgeable with orchestral excerpts.

王友伶 March

我在網路上找到這個課程,讓我有辦法和國外的音樂人才學習音樂,這真的是一個非常好的平台。Yinchi是一位非常厲害的雙簧管演奏家,但也是個超優秀的老師。一開始我以為我們會很難溝通,畢竟我不確定這位老師的中文程度,後來沒想到我們之間溝通完全沒問題,老師的中文超好的喔!!! 非常羨慕老師有雙語能力,有能完美演奏雙簧管,真是令人羨慕又忌妒!! Yinchi是個非常好又有耐心的老師,我把他推薦給其他想要與國外音樂人才交流的各位。這真的是很好的平台,而且老師上課非常專業,讓我受益良多!

You-Ling Wang March

I took a lesson with Yinchi. She is a really skilled and talented oboe player. Also, she is a wonderful teacher. I am a beginner leaner. She has been very patent with me. She helped me to recognize the keys and notes. After one hour instruction in the first lesson, I already able to play a simple nursery rhythms, such as "twinkle, twinkle, little start." I would definitely take lesson with her!!

Amy Lese February

I took a lesson with Yinchi and it really helped out with my oboe playing. She helped fix my oboe and worked on my reeds to make sure they were playable. We worked a lot on technique, specifically playing series of notes accurately. Along with that, I learned about the keywork of the oboe. Breathing was also emphasized. Yinchi has a really good sense of humor! And she is very knowledgable and a versatile teacher. I had a lot of fun, but I also believe I improved even with just one meeting. After the lesson and some practice, my band conductor even gave me a compliment on my oboe playing!

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