Hello, I’m Luis Orden, I hope my teaching and performer experience could help you achieving your higher musical goals.

Hello, I’m Luis Orden, Flute teacher at the Sevilla High Conservatory of Music since 25 years ago. I hope my teaching and performer experience could help you achieving your higher musical goals.

Teaching flute has always been my passion. I taught many beginners students in my early years, where I really learnt the importance of having good fundamentals and practice habits.

I’ve only been teaching advanced students during the last 15 years, where I also teach how to face to the challenge of develop a professional career.

I had a lot of wonderful musical experiences asan Orchestral or chamber music player among first class musicians. These experiences I firmly believe add an extra value to my classes.

Moreover, I played professionally piccolo many times and have a lot of experience as a member of wind quintets or guitar Duo. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to work on this invaluable repertoire.

Hope to see you soon on-line!

More information on www.luisorden.com

Hola soy Luis Orden, profesor de flauta durante 25 años en el Conservatorio Superior de Música de Sevilla, espero que mi experiencia como profesor e intérprete os ayude a mejorar y llegar a lo más alto como músicos.

Enseñar a tocar la flauta siempre ha sido mi pasión, al principio fueron los primeros niveles los que me sirvieron a entender la importancia de sentar unas buenas bases, y desde hace más de 15 años son los alumnos de Grado Superior con los que disfruto ayudándoles a salir al mundo profesional. Así, que sea cual sea tu nivel, espero poder ayudarte en lo que buscas.

El haber tocado además como flautista en numerosos grupos de cámara y orquestas, junto a artistas de primer nivel, me ha servido para tener experiencias musicales valiosísimas que, creo, me ayudan enormemente como profesor.

Si además de la flauta tocas el flautín, o tienes un dúo de flauta y guitarra, o un quinteto de viento y quieres que os ayude en la preparación del repertorio no dudes en pedírmelo.

Espero veros on-line!

Luis Orden.

Más información: www.luisorden.com

Experience & Education

  • Sevilla High Conservatory of Music 1988 – Present
    Flute Teacher
    Flute teacher at the Sevilla High Conservatory of Music
  • Concerts 2000 – Present
    Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, Pekin Conservatory, Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, the Polish Radio Concert Hall in Katowice, Rovigo Conservatory, Italy, Epidaurus Festv. in Croatia, the Spanish National Auditorium, Fundación Juan March Madrid...
  • Records 2004 – 2011
    - María Esther Guzmán and Luis Orden: Flute and guitar music LINDORO (OP-0818) (2004) Flute and guitar music LINDORO vol. 2 (OP-0819) (2011)
  • Records II 2004 – 2006
    Ensemble "Solistas de Sevilla": Falla, Castillo, Marco, Gris CGC Producciones (CDCT 0204) (2004) / Guerrero, de Pablo - SGAE (SA01147) (2005) / Andalusian composers - Woodwind quintets (CDCT 0106) (2006)
  • Pearl Flutes Artist 2006 – Present
    Luis Orden is a "Pearl Flutes Artist"
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Ester Esteban April

Luis Orden is a very good musician, flutist and teacher. His natural musicality, his perfect technique and the way that he is involved in all performances are amazing. I had the pleasure of studying for four years with him and I can say certainly that he really cares about each student, always trying to get the highest level of each one. You will see just from the first moment the interest to develop your skill, his huge knowledge, discipline and experience. That great opportunity to know him!

Francisco Roca April

As one of his former students, I would say that Luis Orden is the best teacher if you want to delve both into technical and stylistic aspects of traverse flute. His wide experience and thorough knowledge of the instrument, together with his close, easygoing treatment, qualify him to supply the learners with the necessary tools to improve and make progress in their study.

Sherezade Jurado April

Luis Orden is a great teacher and flutist. His warm sound and immaculate technique are the foundations of his excellence as a performer. I also had the privilege to enjoy his huge musical knowledge, always in a constant state of improvement and evolution. He has been a great teacher and a personal reference as well. He provided me with the technical basis and the discipline on which I can improve my playing day to day.

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