Music means the world to us

So we’re helping the world make more music

Musical education, just like music itself, should be accessible for everyone: No matter of age, location, race, education, gender or wealth. The internet is the perfect medium for removing boundaries.

We’re building the ultimate place to not only get better at your instrument, but to get inspired and take your playing to a level you never previously thought possible. A platform to learn music through private live video lessons, live stream events, and recorded tutorials and masterclasses from some of the world's finest and most passionate artists, teachers and musicians around. A platform to help you form practice habits, visualise your progress and meet your goals. A platform to connect with like-minded musical peers and broaden your mindset. A platform to make you into the musician you dreamed of.

The journey has only just started, but we hope you will join us.

Adam Simonsen


Founder and long-time clarinetist at The Royal Danish Orchestra. Educated at the Juilliard School of Music and the Royal Danish Academy of Music. Also travelled Brazil with its National Orchestra and once flew to Paris just to take a lesson.