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Play with a Pro is about bringing accessible music education to everyone around the world. We believe that by having a range of inspirational, top-class teachers at the click of the button is invaluable to help students reach their full musical potential.

If you’re a music teacher, and would love to get started with online music lessons – we make it easy.

No setup costs

Creating an account is entirely free and only takes a few moments

Worldwide audience

Lessons are held daily between teachers and students literally from all over the world

Get paid for your passion

You only pay us a small cut after a lesson takes place and money is securely transferred to your account

  • Create a beautiful online presence
  • Manage your own schedule and pricing
  • Message and exchange links, sheet music, movies, sound files and more with students before, during and after lessons
  • All lessons are automatically recorded to watch afterwards for your student and yourself only
  • Secure payment processing


We only want our students to experience the best possible lessons. To be eligible for teaching with Play with a Pro, we ask that you have:

Good quality computer

Our lessons don’t require software to download, but you need a decent computer or tablet or smart phone to teach from. We recommend using computers which have stronger processors/bigger screens and better audio controls. Tablets also work really well and even though all smart phones are supported we do not recommend them from teacher side.

Strong connection

Lessons can be quite intensive on your internet connection. We ask you connect your computer to your router with an ethernet cable, and that your download speed is at least 5 Mbps, and your upload at least 1 Mbps. You can see your connection speed using this speed test.

Teaching experience

We are looking for experienced, passionate and positive teachers who truly enjoy helping people get better on their instruments, no matter what level of players you prefer to teach. We expect that you have a couple of years teaching experience.


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