Radovan Vlatkovic

Radovan Vlatkovic is widely considered to be one of the world's most exceptional horn players. Born in Croatia, he is the former Principal horn of the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra (Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin) which he left to devote himself to an international solo career and teaching. He is professor of horn at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria, at the Escuela Superior de Musica Reina Sofia in Madrid, and honorary member of the Royal Academy of Music in London.


The closest you can get to 1-on-1 lessons with true masters teaching and explaining in great detail the fundamentals of their instrument

Probably the most celebrated living horn player, Radovan Vlatkovic shares a lifelong experience as a horn soloist, teacher and performer with anyone interested in bringing their own horn playing to the next level. 
Get guided for 2 hours through 22 chapters in a detailed warm up program and to the basics of horn playing. Insights, tips, loads of exercises and background knowledge directly from one of the world’s leading instrumentalists.

 “ The Horn Guide ” consists of 22 chapters that guides you through a detailed warm up program and afterwards introduces you to the basics of horn playting which are as follows:


01 Intro

Intro to the most comprehensive video horn guide ever made.

02 Mouthpiece Buzzing

Every brass player knows the importance of buzzing, and Radovan has his own ideas about how he uses buzzing every day.

03 Harmonics

Harmonics is another key element for Radovan's warm up, and he invites you to play along with him, for you to control your pitch and rhythm.

04 Techni Cor exercise

Adding the valves slowly to some techni cor exercises gives you more control and flexibility. Building it up slowly is the keyword.

05 Extended range with harmonics

Like singers it's a matter of gradually building up the range. Still simple exercises, but as Radovan puts it: " all professionals rely on these easy exercises and they are important throughout any kind of career playing the horn".

06 2 Octaves harmonics

Adding even more range step by step.

07 Scales and Arpeggios

For Radovan scales and arpeggios are a fully integrated part of his warm up and for a very good reason. Watch him explain and see for yourself what it adds to your playing.

08 Pre warm up by Farkas

Philip Farkas is a well known name in the horn world and for a good reason. The pre-warm up exercises from the famous " The art of french horn Playing " adds a different approach to the concept of sound.

09 Attacks

Radovan explains how to develop clean and accurate attacks.

10 Trills and tremolos

Radovan suggests a different approach in order to be able to start a trill fast immediately.

11 Long Notes and legato exercises

A " Control Exercise " by Barry Tuckwell is another efficient espressivo slow-mo way to start warming up.

12 Vocalise exercises

" The ideal for a beautiful horn sound is the human voice "- but how do we immitate that? The vocalise exercise is a good starting point for this.

13 How to practice long notes

Radovan has a specific way of ending his warm up program, and that is playing long notes, slowly and easy.

14 The Horn Guide by Radovan Vlatkovic, Horn Basics

Second half of " The Horn Guide " is a set of horn basic exercises that will help you develop range, sound and intonation.

15 High range

Everyone would like to have a beautiful and effortless high range on the horn, but how do you get there?

16 Practicing the embouchure

The embouchure is where the instrument merges with the body, and every horn player know how critical this part of the technique is, in order to avoid pain but also in order to have a perfect control of tone, intonation and sound.

17 Low range

Many horn players neglect the low range, but Radovan practice low range every day in order to keep his chops on top of the game.

18 Breathing

A healthy breathing is of course the very fundament for any horn player. There are so many different approaches and ideas about this topic, but Radovan shows what has helped him through his career.

19 Tonguing

Tongue position is crucial for the right tone production and intonation. The tongue is a muscle connected to lots of other muscles and therefor facial movements can be a good indicator if you do things right.

20 Finger technique

Compared to many other instruments the horn doesn't have that much finger movement involved, but still the one it has is important to understand how you can optimize in order to play better and more effeciently. What is the right hand and arm position for the ultimate results?

21 The right hand

The right hand plays a huge role for a horn player. How to shape it, and how to understand the various techniques and how they influence your playing is what this chapter is about.

22 Legato and legato tonguing

Brahms 1st symphony has some amazingly beautiful legato solos and shows why a smooth and great legato makes the music worth listening even more intensively to. But how do you play a beautiful legato on the horn?

23 Sound ideas and concepts

Sound! What a huge topic! What is a good sound? What is a full sound? Which sound is yours? Sound - sound - sound... the true soul of any musician- and maybe why Radovan's playing is so admired and loved.


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