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No 2: Honegger Intrada

Trumpet Masterclasses from David Bilger
Length: 30 minutes

David Bilger Online Trumpet Lessons Honegger Trumpet Concerto is one of the most important newer pieces for trumpet. It´s a REAL piece of music, with depth, clarity, lots of technical challenges  and in terms of sound and endurance it doesn´t get much harder than this. David Bilger is Principal trumpet of the Philadelphia Orchestra and professor at Curtis Institute and has taught many students how to practice and improve this amazing  piece. Now you can look into his mind and learn yourself from one of the most experienced and talented trumpeters and musicians around. 32 minute masterclass in HD quality, download it to your computer and pass it on to your iOS devices or watch it streamed instantly on any computer, phone or tablet- Android or iOS.


01 Honegger Intrada


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