Learn hands-on advice on technique, sound and musical interpretation - exemplified through masterclasses of some of the most important and beautiful works.

Breathing and Tuba Masterclass

Trumpet Masterclasses from Kristian Steenstrup
Length: 102 minutes

Kristian Steenstrup
Breathing Fundamentals and Tuba Masterclass

76 minutes program and introduction to a new way of playing the tuba. Plus a masterclass with Schumann Adagio and Allegro Masterclass with the techniques implied on top of the music. You will learn about the great benefits the Breathing and Blowing ideas have to offer your own playing on a daily basis. No hokus pokus- simple and down to earth ideas and exercises.

Kristian Steenstrup is regarded one of the finest music pedagogues of his generation. He travels all over the world and gives workshops and masterclasses with the major orchestras, music schools and is professor in Aarhus- Denmark where students from all over the world comes to study with him to improve their playing.

Get ready to be surprised of the extraordinary changes his methods and exercises will have on your own playing- being a brass/woodwind or even singer or string player.

It´s no exaggeration to say it will dramatically change your playing even after a few days work with these simple yet very efficient exercises.


Charles Schuchat

A very good class. I thought the exercises were not only presented well but they are very helpful!

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