Orchestral Studies

Hear the perspective of a true master on important passages of the most common orchestra pieces and get advice how to overcome the challenges.

Midsummer Night´s Dream

Clarinet Orchestral Studies from Lee Morgan
Length: 23 minutes

Learn from one of the most experienced orchestral clarinetists of his generation. Midsummer Night´s Dream is all about articulation- make it clear, resonant, crisp and elegant and don´t stress the tempo.  Lee gives you tools to achieve this and advice that for sure will help your own playing of this incredible pice of music. Lee Morgan is considered one of his generations most important orchestral clarinetists and scholars. A student and a true desciple of legendary teacher and clarinetist, Robert Marcellus, Lee shares many of those same principles that Marcellus taught and shaped a whole generation of clarinetist with. In " The Lyrical Orchestral Clarinetist vol 2 ", Lee goes in depth through 12 different orchestral studies, with tips and exercises of how to practice and what to focus on. Print out the accompanying pdf to play from. Choose the exact orchestral study you want to focus on, to personalize your movie library of what you find necessary to develop your playing.
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01 Midsummer Night´s Dream


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