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Learn from over 200 of the best music teachers from around the world. They will help tutor, inspire, and motivate you to the next level via personal, live video lessons and recorded masterclasses.


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Find your perfect teacher and arrange lessons that fit your schedule - online lessons are flexible. Attend from the comfort of home and save the time & cost of commuting.

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Choose between 30, 45 or 60 minute lessons and pay securely by credit card. We pay the teacher after your successful lesson and you can cancel up to 24hrs before.

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Your private lesson takes place directly on the website with audio and video optimized for music lessons. You can even rewatch your private recording later to keep learning!

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“I had a lot of fun, but I also believe I improved even with just one meeting. After the lesson and some practice, my band conductor even gave me a compliment on my oboe playing!”

— Amy Lese, oboe lesson with Yinchi Chang

“I think this is a wonderful system - there was no connection issues on my end and I feel like I can learn an exceptional amount using this platform to take a few lessons with such an incredible musician and person.”

— Destinee DiMino, bass trombone lesson with Ben Van Dijk

“Even over the internet, he was able to discern some aspects of my playing that could use some improvements.”

— Wait Kit Leung, oboe lesson with Rixon Thomas

"Russell was amazing, and I will be taking regular lessons with him using this platform! Thank you.

— Rana Mireskandari, piccolo flute lesson with Russell Itani